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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tigole hits the forums

Tigole has been busy on the forums today, and that always tends to bring out interesting tidbits about the future of our favorite game. While it is certainly not earth-shattering, the most interesting thing that he mentions has to do with the future of the PVP battlemasters. In patch 2.4 these guys will be put on a pedestal, literally. Much like the auctioneers in many cities, the battlemasters will be placed on a raised platform that is inaccessible to players in order to keep people from blocking them with their character's model. He also hints that Wrath will see even better improvements. This is certainly a welcome change to remove a minor annoyance that is sometimes imposed upon us by our fellow players.

Other posts hint at the future of guild banks, the title system, and a possible reward for Wrath's Lake Wintergrasp. First of all, he mentions that they're "exploring" the option to allow guild masters to set prices for items in the guild bank. I know in my guild this would be great for the guild leader, since it would probably save him a lot of time in the auction house and also provide an easy solution to those situations where he gets a valuable item and is not sure how to distribute it to the rest of the guild. I imagine that this could be exploited, to an extent, by guild leaders who might suddenly slap a price on everything in the bank rather than allowing free withdrawals, but that would probably fix itself over time as people leave the guild and/or stop donating to the bank.

In another thread, Lexorn wonders if WoW could steal a few cool ideas from some of its competitors. Specifically, he mentions the ubiquitous title system from Lord of the Rings Online, the town capture and defense system from Tabula Rasa, and the tome system from Warhammer (which seems to be an in-game encyclopedia that the player fills in while traversing through the game world). From all these ideas, Tigole only touches on the first. He mentions that they like the title system as it is and will continue to add titles to the game with their current difficult to obtain status. I've loved the titles from other games I've played and would like to see something of the sort added to WoW. If there were a lot of titles, elite ones could still be part of the game and players would know which ones were more difficult to achieve. It doesn't seem like it would detract from the "Scarab Lord" title to have several "Exterminators", rewarded for killing 1,000,000 critters, running around.

Later in that same thread, Tigole responds to another player's post. When Endarken suggests that capturable PVP objectives should grant a server-wide buff in order to feel more epic, Tigole agrees. He hints that just such a reward may be given for holding Lake Wintergrasp, the outdoor PVP zone in Wrath of the Lich King. These types of buffs are always nice, and if it brings more people out to participate in world PVP, I'm all for it.

What do you think about Tigole's comments?