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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ghostcrawler announces upcoming DK changes

For those of us who either are playing one in the beta or intend to play one when Wrath of the Lich King goes live, here's the list of upcoming changes to the Death Knight straight from Ghostcrawler.

The list is divided into DPS changes, tanking changes, DK buff changes and changes to the Runeforging system. Among the highlights, in Ghostcrawler's own particular idiom:

Ravenous Dead no longer affects Ghoul duration, but grants your rotting little buddy 60% more of your Str and Sta. (Stam goes from 30% of yours to ~50% of yours. Strength goes from 100% to 160%.)
Veteran of the Third War increased to 6/6/6 Str / Sta / Exp to match warriors.
Strikes that scale with diseases changed so that the weapon damage, not just the flat damage, scales with the disease.
No doubt many awesome small tweaks I am forgetting.