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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Completing I've Toured the Fjord

Every week The Overachiever gives advice, walkthroughs and guides on completing your latest Achievement obssession.

Welcome to the inaugural edition of The Overachiever. We're here to help you to finish off the Achievements on your list. And, apparently talk about ourselves in the third person. We're crazy like that.

Today's column covers the Howling Fjord quest achievement "I've Toured the Fjord" and will help you find those last missing quests to rack up the 130 (Alliance) or 105 (Horde) needed. This is one of the prerequisites for the Loremaster of Northrend Achievement (A/H) which itself is a prereq for uber-Achievement The Loremaster (A/H) which grants a title (you guessed it, "Loremaster") and a spiffy tabard with a quest exclamation on it.

You should know that there is no way to tell what quests you have completed in a zone and which one's you haven't. You can only open your Achievements window (Y key) and see how many you've done. Most likely you have hit all the quest hubs for your faction and are just a few shy of earning the Achievement. Or maybe you've completed all you can find, but are clearly missing some major cluster of quests. Here's what to do.

Step 1: Check out the excellent list of Howling Fjord quests split up by faction and quest hub on WoWWiki. Note the Neutral faction quests at the bottom of the list. If you are stuck at around 80 quests, head to the Ancient Lift on the west coast. A tuskarr there starts a chain of about 20 or so.

Alternately, go to WoWHead's Howling Fjord page, where you can set their map to show you quest giver locations for your faction (see image at the top of this post for an example.) Mouse over the pins to see which quests those quest givers hand out or click on them to go to the WoWHead page for that NPC.

Step 2: Generally you will come across these drops while running all the other quests, but in case you missed any, here are the items dropped from mobs that start quests.

  • Gjalerbron Attack Plans (A/H) - Drops from mobs in Gjalerbron in the northwest snowy mountains of the zone. Starts a 2 chain quest with the second one requiring one more player to complete.

  • It's a Scourge Device (A/H) - A scourge device drops from the mobs around the pulsing purple crystals dotting the Chillmere Coast in the far northwest. Starts a 2 chain quest that can be soloed easily.

  • Stop the Ascension! (A/H) - While you are merrily slaying the crazed Vrykul of Skorn in the north of the zone, one of them will probably drop a Vrykul Scroll of Ascension. Click on it and head up to the top of the village next to the big bonfire to summon the crazed ghost boss Vrykul scary dude.

Step 3: Still one or two short? Here's a few quest givers that are easy to miss.

Remember that daily quests in the zone don't count towards this Achievement.

Finally, if you are having a tough time completing quests, consider AddOns that provide in-game help with finding quest objectives like QuestHelper or Carbonite Quest. As long as we are on the subject, don't forget to check out our Achievement AddOns Guide.

Other Achievements in this zone:


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