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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mutant turtles are greater than boys in spandex

On this Monday morning I have come to realize one important thing: a picture is worth a thousand words.

Clearly, TMNT > Power Rangers. For shame Alex, for shame!

Romir asked...

"I just switched my off spec for my Death Knight to a tank spec. However I've never really tanked before, what would be the best heroic to go into to learn to tank? I have an uncrittable set I got from raids/off-spec rolls. I know most of the dungeons, I just need practice. Which would be best to start in?"

Please don't start in a heroic. You want to take baby steps. First, go out to someplace and see that you can successfully control multiple mobs. Make sure that you have the basic mechanics down. After you're confident you can keep things focused on you, then head into a low-80 non-heroic instance. Hell, you might even consider doing a few rounds of regular Violet Hold. Get to know what it's like to be a tank and have four other members not pay any attention to what you need to do.

After you've done some easy 80 tanking instances, head into regular CoT: Strat. Don't worry about doing a speed run in regular, just try to keep a brisk pace and don't die. You'll be challenged the first few times to keep the mobs away from your healer – but that's part of the game.

Once you have regular CoT: Strat under your belt to the point where you can run through it lightning fast, run your first heroic. Something like Utgarde Keep or Utgarde Pinnacle is good for a new tank. It's important to go with a guild group to your first few heroics, because you're going to wipe a lot as a new tank – no matter your gear.

Overall, just be calm and stay alert. You'll do great!

Popesicle asked...

"Is it possible to change our guild's name?"

Nope. Asking or expecting that this feature would be implemented is like expecting sliced bread out of a bag of bread.

A bunch of you asked...

"Where are the Wolvar and oracle orphans as data-mined by MMO Champion? Did they make an appearance anywhere?"

We haven't seen them, and have no idea where you can get them. As far as we can tell, no one else does either. Remember that data-mined data is just that, it's not necessarily a reflection of what is available in game.

Peacebone asked...

"Is there any particular reason why Blizzard and Wildstorm think we want to read about Varian every month in the Warcraft comics? When can I expect for the comics to become... you know... good?"

While I don't think the Blizzard based comic books are the pinnacle of comics, I don't think they're necessarily bad either. And as for why they keep talking about Varian, well, that's because you keep buying them.

(PS Alex: I'm not in Switzerland, I'm in Amsterdam.)