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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wrath Dailies: Cheese for Glowergold

I don't get the cheese in game. It's everywhere. I get that there are people operating a cheese shop in Stormwind as part of their cover, but everything else? There's something about Dalaran and its cheeses.

My particularly favorite cheese at the moment is Gouda Cheese which originated from the Netherlands. It's better than the cheese they sell and produce in Dalaran. And it's also, you know, real.

But enough about this "reality" thing. Let's focus on the cooking daily quest where you have to make your own cheese platter.

Quest Giver: Awilo Lon'gomba (Horde) or Katherine Lee (Alliance)
Reputation: Kirin Tor
Reward: 150 rep, 9.9g at level 80, a Dalaran Cooking Award, a Small Spice Bag
Minimum Level: 65
Required Chain: Cooking at 375 or above.

Read on after the break for our walkthrough of the quest, complete with a few tricks you can do to get it done quickly and easily.

Pickup the quest in Dalaran from either Awilo Lon'gomba located at 70, 38 if you're Horde, or from Katherine Lee located at 40, 65 if you're Alliance.

To complete this quest you'll need to get six Half Full Dalaran Wine Glasses and one block of Aged Dalaran Limburger. Prepare to run around in circles, a lot.

The Half Full Wine Glasses are one of those items that spawns at a bunch of locations around Dalaran which you'll need to go and find. They're pretty much everywhere, but they're also farmed everywhere. The best place that I've found to pick these up is in bedrooms on the second floor of most buildings. It seems everyone in Dalaran is a wine drinker and likes to top off before bedtime.

Another good place to go searching for them is in the sewers. You can find them on the bar and tables located in the sewers, and since the area is usually less busy than the upper side of Dalaran, you might have a bit more luck.

Perhaps the best trick is to just do this quest at a time when not a lot of people are on. That way you can go around and pick them up really quick.

The other component to this quest is the Dalaran Limberger. This is a block of cheese that you need to pick up. You can find it on a shelf at the store "One More Glass" located in Dalaran. It has a quick respawn timer, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem to get.

Combine all of them by using the shield looking quest item in your inventory, the Empty Cheese Serving Platter. Deliver to the quest to Ranid Glowergold in the Magus Commerce Exchange located at 36, 28 and you're golden (or should we say you're cheddar /rimshot).

Side Note: Upon asking our resident Lore Nerd Alex Ziebart about cheese in our WoW Insider chat last night, he told me that the only real significance cheese had was with the Trias Family of assassins. He thinks cheese is just food, albeit a delicious food.