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Sunday, September 16, 2007

GC 2007 wrap up


* 1-60 content will be revamped, some specifics have been announced such as all quest xp bumped up 30%. The overall experience needed for each level between 20-60 will be reduced, however, there is no word yet on the exact amount. Also, dustwallow marsh will have a new town added with a quest hub and instances like uldaman may see a revamp to give players a new experience.
* Zul’aman will be on the PTR as soon as the voice chat patch comes out.
* There will be new heroic badge items and armor sets added to the vendors in patch 2.3
* Sunwell Plateau will not be out until patch 2.4, which is quite a ways off. There will be 2 parts, one will be a 25 player raid instance harder than the black temple, the other part will be a 5 player instance that will have both regular and heroic modes.

Wrath of the Lich King

* Naxxramas will be revamped and retuned for 25 person raids and will be in the new expansion. They plan to continue the story of ashbringer and reuse the tier 3 sets with updated stats.
* Stratholme will be added to the caverns of time for a level 80 group instance
* The Nexus will also be a group of instances, including one for 70-71 players, a level 80 instance, and a raid instance where you run into Malygos.
*The Woodworking profession is being considered, this would allow hunters to create weapons and arrows.
*In the demo players found that the priest talent “Pain Suppression” has changed to a 1 minute cooldown and you can cast it on friendly players within 20 yards