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Thursday, September 13, 2007

New Interface in WoTLK?

Salthem from Blizzard chimes in a bit on the question if the next xpack will ship with a new interface...
I don't know about planned changes to the User Interface, I'd imagine it's still too early to tell, but I doubt we'll see a dramatic completely new User Interface, generally we prefer to implement more gradual changes or options to the existing interface. There are alot of players who are used to the standard interface and changing it dramatically overnight would be unfair to them. If players want a completely different interface there will always be addons to accommodate that.We are constantly looking to improve the interface in various ways though and I think the developments in addons by players is very helpful in giving ideas for improvements for the default interface.On the subject of bags, I think that any one-bag or self sorting bag system would be somewhat counter intuitive to any new players finding a new bag for the first time, and it's the sort of feature that is easily handled by addons for more advanced players who are looking for some automated organisation. (Personally, I tried auto sorting and 1 bag systems and just found them awkward - preferring my own manually bagging.)