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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Wrath of the Lich King Confirmed at BlizzCon

All of the rumors appear to have been dead-on as the World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King expansion has been officially confirmed via goodie bag.
BlizzCon Attendee’s got the inside scoop early with their Souvenir Show Guide briefly detailing the new expansion (shown above). Further details on the expansion will be released by Blizzard during the show.
What do we know so far?
The Death Knight class will be added to game for both Alliance and Horde as sort of a anti-Paladin necromatic warrior. This will be the games first Hero Class.
Aproximately 10 New zones for level 68+ players, quests, items and monsters all packed into the news Northrend continent, home of the Lich King.
No new lowbie zones, nor any changes to the existing 1-70 areas.
New Battlegrounds with seige engines and destructable buildings, at least one instanced, and one outdoor zone.
New profession, Inscription.
Expanded character customization options
Level Cap increased once again up to 80
Skill Cap increased to 450
The new Outdoor PvP Zone introduces new gameplay with seige weapons and destructable buildings. This will be a non-instanced battleground zone, but is completely avoidable for carebear types to go around and skip.
The first ever Hero Class Death Knight is a plate wearing badass hybrid for tanking and DPS. From what we understand so far this will be attainable by completing an epic quest that unlocks the ability to become a Death Knight. When the class is unlocked you’re expected to remain at the same level so grinding isn’t necessary.
Death Knights will not use rage, energy, or mana, instead you’ll be able to select and “etch” six different runes (Frost, Blood, Unholy) onto a rune sword status bar underneath your health bar. Using DK abilities will consume the runes until their cooldown timers are up, at which time you can use them again. Specifics such as talents and spells are not finalized yet, and race restrictions are still unknown (Gnome Death Knight anyone?).
The Inscription profession may sound a bit confusing for some at first, much better than expected this has nothing to do with inscribing items, but with the customization of spells and abilities. Those that have this profession will be able to tweak spells or abilities to increases damage, or reduce cooldowns, obviously with some penalties to balance their changes.


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